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My Pet Hotel

Nintendo DS
dtp Entertainment AG
Release: 2009

The holiday fun in the pet resort is coming back!

Lieblichdorf: a small village that exactly matches your conception of an idyll.
During your last holidays you have seen the advertisement, it immediately caught your attention. It stated that the major has decided to build a pet resort. It was decided to build it on top of an old estate.

And that is where you are now, because upon seeing the advertisement you immediately appointed for the job. You didn't want to miss this chance of a lifetime. Around you are diverse buildings that can be transformed into enclosures for different species. Now your dream comes true: owning your pet resort!


  • The first pet resort that only accepts baby animals
  • 7 different species with different races
  • Two vast areas: the pet resort areal and the village
  • One main mission and numerous side quests
  • Lots of various minigames like grooming, caressing, mixing food and teaching tricks
  • Localizations: ENG